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Flyer Distribution packages

This type of distribution is the most popular and effective. Every package contains our own company flyer, so it will be shared drop. All our staff is fully trained and carry GPS trackers, so we can give you very accurate advert campaign report. Also we do many checkpoints to make sure that flyer is 100% delivered.
Prices depends on count of advertisers. We will never put your flyer with another competitors material together.

We are able to deliver up to 20k flyers per 1 day For more details please contact us.

Over 8 years of experience we can promise you:
  • Professional service
  • Regular updates
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Professional and experienced advice
  • Honest and reliable service
  • 100% Delivery
  • Full campaign report

  • Premium Package - time saver
    1. You decide on the area you'd like to cover. Friendly advice will be given to help.
    2. Tell us how many flyers we should deliver.
    3. We design your leaflets after consultation with you.
    4. We arrange flyers to be printed.
    5. The flyers are delivered to the area you chose.
    6. We send you a full report with GPS tracker DATA, printed maps.

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