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Terms and conditions

F4S Clothing Collections – Terms and Conditions

  • If you choose a regular organised clothing collection, we deliver bags subject to your needs at least 5 days before the collection day. The number of bags shall normally be the number of your schoolchildren plus ten percent (+ 10%). The bags are to be distributed to schoolchildren, teachers, their family members and everyone else willing to participate. The bags filled with second-hand textiles shall be brought back to school on the collection day indicated on the bag as agreed with the school.
  • If you order a clothing bank, we will deliver it on the arranged date and time. Your own bags (like ordinary bin bags) shall be used for a clothing bank. You will not receive any bags from us to be put into a clothing bank.
  • Funds4School staff collect bags from you on the arranged date and time. Clothing banks are emptied on a regular basis.
  • Minimum amount for the organised bag collection is 300 kg (around 50-60 bags full).
  • Your bags get weighed in our depot upon return of our Funds4School van. The bags are not weighed on the spot during the collection.
  • Within 7 days from the collection day, we send a cheque to you for the total amount of kilos collected from your school. For clothing bank collections we may agree with the school to be paid monthly, quarterly or likewise.
  • Funds4School clothing bank is a property of E&C Export Limited. We reserve the right to cancel it at any time. If you decide to cancel a clothing bank, please let us know at least 7 days before the date you want us to remove it. There is no obligation to tell us the reason why you made this decision, but your opinion is very important for us and we will appreciate if you share it.
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