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E&C Export LTD collects, buys, sells and exports hundreds of tonnes of second hand clothing every year. Most of textiles collected by our company are sent to Eastern Europe, the rest might end up in African and Asian countries to be reworn and reused. Not every person in these countries is able to buy new clothing. So, second hand textiles from the UK is a great chance for the people to wear good quality and fashionable clothes for affordable price. Moreover, our business creates employment within the UK economy and helps local people earn money for the mentioned employment.

We have stock from: Plymouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth, Stoke-on- Trent, Norwich, Ipswich, Northampton, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Preston, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Leeds, High Wycombe and London. Everything is checked carefully by our staff to ensure, that there will be no rubbish, dirty, ripped or any other bad quality items inside our bags.

We aim to provide our customers with a professional, efficient, cost-effective and courteous service and to do our best to improve the standards of the service which we provide.

If you would like to get more information and / or clothing from UK wholesale price list - please contact us via here or just simply give us a call on +44 1708 680 718

We have a lot of partners all over the Europe and we are able to provide any kind of wholesale items your business needs.

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